Hoa Thinh Phat specializes in supplying white sand to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and other provinces across the country. During the past time of operation, we received many questions from customers about white sand.

To enhance its service, Hoa Thinh Phat decided to take some precious time, compile and share some information regarding this special material. From there, you will have the most informed choice when you want to buy white sand.

What is natural white sand?

White sand is a popular material, familiar to all people. You will very easily come across this type of sand. Especially, if you live along the coast, especially in the waters of the southern provinces, Quang Ninh, … then you are no stranger to this type of silica sand.

White sand is derived entirely from nature. This is a material or mineral that is given to humans by nature. Sand was created over thousands of years by accretion. Forefathers knew how to apply white sand to turn natural products into indispensable materials in human life and production.

White sand accounts for 99.7% of SiO2. Therefore, it is also called silica sand or quartz sand. In nature, sand will be mixed with mud here, plants, leaves, roots, etc. To get clean sand, people must exploit it by means of washing and screening. Vietnam is one of the countries with the largest reserves of white sand in the world.

natural white sand

Uses of natural white sand

White sand has many useful uses in today’s life. First, the most well-known use is mixing mortar in construction. People use white sand mixed with cement and water to form a paste with high adhesion. This mixture is used to stick to walls or cast pots, and in construction related fields.

People buying selling white sand to make glass is also very popular nowadays. This is a potential industry, creating a stable income for people. People use white sand to blow up glass balls with practical applications in human life such as light bulbs, other glass objects, …

White sand is a safe material for human health, environmentally friendly. People use it to make a sand playground for babies. This is a popular and widely used  use of white sand that is now chosen by parents and schools. Thereby creating a safe and healthy play environment for children. Here, children can play as they please without worrying about dirt and other toxic substances, helping parents feel more secure.

In addition to the “playground white sand”, people also “buy white sand for the aquarium” for the purpose of decorating the aquarium more vividly, looking more natural. Water Filter Sand PointsAlso provide a large amount of white sand for the purpose of purifying water. You can use  clean sand  to filter the water to remove impurities and residues in the water source, providing a clean source of water for use.

Decorative white sand is an indispensable part of modern interior and exterior space. People use white sand to create beautiful gardens and miniatures, bringing the breath of nature closer to life. In addition, white sand for golf courses is very popular. White sand can decorate any area you want, creating a pure white area in a very beautiful and clean.

natural white sand

Quotation of white sand currently on the market

With so many useful uses, the  white sand unit price is a matter of great interest and discussion. White sand or Silsilic sand, quartz sand has various quotes depending on its purity and cleanliness. Each different unit will have a different white sand unit price, most of which are calculated in cubic meters of sand.


    When there is a need to buy white sand for an aquarium, you need to learn carefully about its quotation. You can consult the price by contacting the sand seller directly or through Google. Through this search engine you will find hundreds of different white sand quote results. You need to consider many factors involved before deciding to buy sand at a particular price.

    natural white sand

    How much white sand costs giádepends on many factors such as:
    Purity of sand: Whether it is  clean sand or not, contains impurities or not.
    Volume of sand: Normally, if you buy sand in large quantities, you will get a more favorable price than buying it individually.
    Type of sand: Depending on the fineness of the sand to classify sand, the finer and cleaner the sand, the higher the price.
    Unitsselling white sand: Each different unit will have a different selling price of white sand. This is very easy to understand. Depending on the business strategy, quality of sand and incentive programs, customer care of each unit to have different prices.

    Diverse units selling natural white sand on the market today

    You can easily find places selling white sand on the market through the Google search engine. However, to choose a good unit, you should not only care about the price of sand that the unit offers. In fact, many places sell cheap sand, but the cleanliness and purity of sand is not guaranteed, so it greatly affects users.

    To find a reputable and quality unit, you should carefully study the quality of white sand that unit provides. Quality must go hand in hand with price. If the clean sand meets the standards but the price is too high compared to the market, you will definitely not buy. In case if the sand is not of good quality but the price is cheap, you should not buy it. You should only buy sand at a price commensurate with the quality it has.

    natural white sand

    You should also find out information related to that  sand point of sale  such as:

    Contact information, clear address.
    License for mining and trading sand.
    Where does the white sand source come from?

    Why should you buy natural white sand at Hoa Thinh Phat?

    Hoa Thinh Phat specializes in providing white sand in Ho Chi Minh City, selling white sand in Hanoi and surrounding areas. Since coming into operation until now, Hoa Thinh Phat has conquered a large number of customers across the country thanks to the quality of sand and the prestige that we bring.

    White sand at Hoa Thinh Phat is recognized by Quatest 3 for its high quality and safety. When using sand at us, you will not need to worry about the cleanliness of the sand. Sand is exploited and processed by us with modern technology. Thereby bringing the best quality sand to serve the needs of consumers. Pure white sand color, natural, not mixed with impurities, no harmful substances, so you can be completely assured.

    natural white sand

    natural white sand

    natural white sand

    The natural white sand at Hoa Thinh Phat absolutely says no to mixing. The health of customers is what Hoa Thinh Phat focuses on and puts first. Many units are just for profit, ready to mix with impurities to increase the volume of sand. This has a significant impact on the health of users, especially young children. We strongly condemn these actions.

    We always want to bring clean and safe sand sources to serve all the needs of our customers. Therefore, we research the market very carefully and offer the most competitive prices for anyone who needs to have access to quality sand. To receive  white sand unit price, contact us on  0938 382 036. You will surely be satisfied with the quality and price we offer!


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